Survivors – BBC TV

The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

‘Survivors Returns. Probably’ – SFX publicises remake news

Posted by Rich Cross on September 15, 2006

Following the publication of the announcement in the Media Guardian on 10 July 2006 of the forthcoming revival of Survivors by the BBC, the story was picked up by SFX magazine No. 147, dated September 2006

The full text of the story was as follows:

Survivors Returns. Probably.

The BBC is in talks to resurrect another ’70s SF show, Survivors. The brainchild of Terry Nation, Survivors lasted three series from 1975 and focused on a post apocalyptic world peopled by survivors of a devastating plague.

It is understood that the BBC wants to make a new series of six hour-long episodes. The project’s being overseen by Beeb producer Sue Hogg. But a deal has yet to be finalised and the BBC is still in negotiations with Nation’s estate.

Although Nation owns the rights to the series, he left after season one, going on to create Blake’s 7.

SFX, No. 147, September 2006.

The Media Guardian story was also covered in Dreamwatch magazine.


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