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SciFiNow: Survivors retrospective feature

Posted by Rich Cross on March 23, 2008

Issue 13 of SciFiNow magazine (April 2008) includes a fully-illustrated four page retrospective feature on Survivors – authored by the editor of this blog.

The article concludes with a reference to the upcoming BBC revival of the series:

In November 2007, following lengthy negotiations with the Nation estate, the BBC confirmed that its Drama Department would shortly begin work on a new series of Survivors, to be executive produced by Sue Hogg and written by Adrian Hodges (whose genre credits include dino-romp Primeval). Having licensed the rights to Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel, the new series will reset the drama in the present-day and again pitch a gang of plucky Brits, this time with twenty-first century skills and expectations, into a nightmare new world – one in which laptops and mobile phones are instantly transformed into so much scrap metal, and Google can no longer provide the answers.

Front cover of SciFiNow magazine No 13


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SFX magazine polls readers for their new series wishlist

Posted by Rich Cross on March 22, 2008

SFX magazine is seeking feedback from readers on what they would (and would not) like to see in the upcoming new series of Survivors.

The results will be worked into a two page ‘Your Most Wanted’ feature on the remake of Survivors in a future issue of SFX.

Amongst the more serious and thoughtful suggestions posted so far are the following:

  • “I’d like the makers to read the books of John Wyndham and make sure that they make a series as entertaining as his post-apocalypse stories.”
  • “I’d like to see some scope given to the devastated, empty world the survivors are living in, a visual effort to foster a real sense of loss.”
  • “No flashbacks”
  • “I want realism – the hard facts about survival!”
  • “I’d like it to be shot (and maybe set) in Herefordshire, like the original. And to play on themes of suspicion and fear of outsiders – issues relevant to now.”

Those wanting to add their comments to the discussion will need to complete a basic registration process to join the SFX forum. There is no need to register if you only wish to read the ongoing discussion.

It is also possible to submit suggestions via email to putting WISHLIST: Survivors in the Subject line.

Access the discussion here:

The deadline for submitting comments is: Friday 11 April.

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Survivors remake – forum discussions

Posted by Rich Cross on March 15, 2008

News about the Survivors remake announcement has been – and continues to be – discussed on many TV and genre forums including Britmovie – British Film Forums; The Mausoleum Club forum; TV Gold Forum; and Digital Spy.

Il rebirth della serie è discusso sul Web site del I sopravvissuti.

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Survivors remake announcement – blog commentary

Posted by Rich Cross on March 9, 2008

A quick bit of research has uncovered a fair bit of commentary in the blogosphere on the Survivors remake accouncement. Amongst the comments found so far are the following:

Half a Dozen Streets and a Bit of Waste Land – is enthusiastic about the announcement, but raises ‘three causes for concern’;
Greenman’s Occasional Organ – explores some interesting questions about the status of nuclear facilities in a post-apocalyptic setting (some thing that Charles Vaughan raises as an issue in original series one episode “Corn Dolly”; Quiet Earth; Pal’s Postings and also cover the BBC’s announcement; while the author of The Island of Dreams reveals that the news has revived his own “secret ambition to dramatise John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes for television”.

Les nouvelles sont aussi évaluées en français sur Le blog de toutes les fictions.

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