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SFX magazine polls readers for their new series wishlist

Posted by Rich Cross on March 22, 2008

SFX magazine is seeking feedback from readers on what they would (and would not) like to see in the upcoming new series of Survivors.

The results will be worked into a two page ‘Your Most Wanted’ feature on the remake of Survivors in a future issue of SFX.

Amongst the more serious and thoughtful suggestions posted so far are the following:

  • “I’d like the makers to read the books of John Wyndham and make sure that they make a series as entertaining as his post-apocalypse stories.”
  • “I’d like to see some scope given to the devastated, empty world the survivors are living in, a visual effort to foster a real sense of loss.”
  • “No flashbacks”
  • “I want realism – the hard facts about survival!”
  • “I’d like it to be shot (and maybe set) in Herefordshire, like the original. And to play on themes of suspicion and fear of outsiders – issues relevant to now.”

Those wanting to add their comments to the discussion will need to complete a basic registration process to join the SFX forum. There is no need to register if you only wish to read the ongoing discussion.

It is also possible to submit suggestions via email to putting WISHLIST: Survivors in the Subject line.

Access the discussion here:

The deadline for submitting comments is: Friday 11 April.


One Response to “SFX magazine polls readers for their new series wishlist”

  1. Alex said

    Good suggestions, we can only hope!

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