SciFiNow: Survivors retrospective feature

Issue 13 of SciFiNow magazine (April 2008) includes a fully-illustrated four page retrospective feature on Survivors – authored by the editor of this blog.

The article concludes with a reference to the upcoming BBC revival of the series:

In November 2007, following lengthy negotiations with the Nation estate, the BBC confirmed that its Drama Department would shortly begin work on a new series of Survivors, to be executive produced by Sue Hogg and written by Adrian Hodges (whose genre credits include dino-romp Primeval). Having licensed the rights to Nation’s 1976 Survivors novel, the new series will reset the drama in the present-day and again pitch a gang of plucky Brits, this time with twenty-first century skills and expectations, into a nightmare new world – one in which laptops and mobile phones are instantly transformed into so much scrap metal, and Google can no longer provide the answers.

Front cover of SciFiNow magazine No 13

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