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Dreamwatch: online interview with Survivors writer Adrian Hodges

Posted by Rich Cross on April 13, 2008

Dreamwatch online has published a new and ‘exclusive’ interview with new series Survivors co-creator and lead scriptwriter Adrian Hodges (dated 4 April 2008).

As well a confirming that the new series will be ‘based on’ Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors novelisation, the interview reveals some interesting new facts; most notably:

  • For fans of the original series, and Nation’s novel, there will be both recognisable and completely new elements to the show
  • Not all of the characters in the novel will be retained; and some of surviving characters that do survive the transition will be redrawn
  • With a view to the saleability of the show on the international TV market, the new series will feature more urban and fewer exclusively rural settings than the original
  • The new series will begin with a 90-minute ‘pilot’; which will be followed by five standard length episodes

Although it has not been confirmed that the character of Abby Grant will feature in the new series, Hodges does say that he has ‘no intention’ of ending the series with the same denouement which concludes the original Nation novel – which depicts the tragic and bloody outcome of Abby’s long-sought-after reunion with her son.

Dreamwatch also report that the filming on the new series of Survivors will commence in May – which, if true, would mean that scriptwriting, casting, location scouting and all aspects of pre-production are well advanced…


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