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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

First episode of new Survivors gets internal BBC screening

Posted by Rich Cross on September 26, 2008

The first episode of the new Survivors had its first screening (for colleagues within the BBC) on Wednesday 24 September. (The press screening will be held in due course).

Read comments and reaction to the first episode from The Culture Show’s web producer Ellen West.

She suggests that:

The first episode of the new Survivors feels more dynamic and less dark than the original – there’s a lot more action and the budget is clearly that of a big BBC One drama. There’s no attempt to shy away from the starkness of the situation, but there are already faint notes of optimism which just weren’t there in the original.

Please note: For those who know the basic information about the series from the original BBC press release and other postings on this blog, the commentary from The Culture Show blog is ‘spoiler’ free.


7 Responses to “First episode of new Survivors gets internal BBC screening”

  1. Richard said

    Production estimate a mid November release. They’re still editing apparently, so can’t confirm any dates.

  2. Richard said

    My girlfriend is in the 2nd episode, so i have read the scripts and they’re a pretty good read!!

  3. Mark said

    Richard.. Yes, i hope its great…
    I keep trawling the BBC schedules waiting to see when episode 1 will be screening.
    I hope its as atmospheric as the original.
    I am thinking about starting an occasional podcast about the series,
    the ‘Cadmium 2’ podcast did a nice review of the original, you may want a listen,
    keep up the good work.

  4. Richard said

    After seeing the premier of the 1.5hr 1st episode, I feel quite safe to say the new series will be a hit with most viewers.

    I was mroe than impressed with the storyline, regardless of whether it is based on 28 days later or not.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the series!

  5. Mark said

    My favourite tv series ever, it (still is) and was meaningful, thought provoking, original, dark, atmospheric, bleak, uncomfortable and is the only reason to own a TV set in my completely non-biased opinion :)

    But i am prepared for a disappointment, scouring the web for what scant information there is, available, and of course *not actually having seen the show* (or more than two and a half seconds of the previews)
    maybe it will have fallen into that bland and politically-correct and easily-accessible trap that most other present day series are.

    The tragedy may well be that of ‘Truly Great ideas for TV put through a mulcher and blended with Trisha’ school
    of TV that seems all over at present. The charm of the original series is amazing, and in several cases, was actually life-changing for some people, and a study of Humanity.
    I wonder if the same will be true of this ‘re-imagining’ of the show., i am doubtful however,
    as i fear the story will be over-simplified and shallow, aimed at the low-attention spanned folks of today,
    with perhaps as much emphasis placed on the characters dress sense rather than the storytelling.
    – i could be wrong.. but i think the BBC, judging by much of their recent output, will resort to style over
    content.. either forgetting, or not really ‘getting’ the important elements of the show in itself,
    yes, i love it when they get it (more or less) right, (The Last Train) so any accusations of me being a luddite are unfounded. Anyway..
    ‘enough boxes checked in the checklist ? – great .. let em roll.. ‘

    Yours, tongue-in-cheek,
    _the cynic_

  6. Rich Cross said

    Thanks for the correction, Richard. That makes perfect sense, of course – given the production is based at the BBC Manchester’s studios.

  7. richard said

    It was in Manchester Odeon, not London.

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