Survivors premiere press screening, 21 October

The opening 90-minute episode of the new Survivors got its first press screening, on Tuesday 21 October, at the Apollo West End Cinema in London’s Piccadilly.

In attendance were many members of the Survivors cast and crew, including show-creator Adrian Hodges and actors Julie Graham (Abby Grant), Shaun Dingwall (David Grant), Nikki Amuka–Bird (Samantha Willis); Phillip Rhys (Al); Zoe Tapper (Anya) and Chahak Patel (Najid).

The showing was previewed by introductions from Ben Stephenson (Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning) and Adrian Hodges, and included the showcasing of the new series logo. The episode concluded with a ‘Coming next’ preview of the series’ second episode.

2 thoughts on “Survivors premiere press screening, 21 October

  1. Hi i am realy over the moon that the suriviors is being it’s time it was veary forward looking and veary revelent to todays times.

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