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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Two first episodes to be shown 22-28 November

Posted by Rich Cross on October 30, 2008

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that the first two episodes of the new series of Survivors will be broadcast on BBC1 between 22-28 November 2008.

A fairly detailed plot summary of the second episode is available from the BBC Press Office.

***SPOILERS*** Please note that this link reveals significant plot spoilers.

The BBC has also confirmed that Survivors will be available on the BBC’s HD (High Definition) Channel, and that the official web site accompanying the series will be named ‘Survivors Interactive’. As previously reported on this blog, the press release also indicates that the entire six episodes of the first series will be available through the BBC iPlayer ‘Series Stacker’ service.


9 Responses to “Two first episodes to be shown 22-28 November”

  1. we need the next series now now now please

  2. Sheena said

    Hurry up second series!!! I was left high and dry wondering what will happen next….totally gripped and pleased i switched my TV on for this!

  3. felix morgan said

    need a second series asap but keep it plausable unlike Lost

  4. Alan said

    when will the second series start? I hardly ever haVE BBC on my TV as I have Sky & sorry but BBc are getting rubbish until now, a programmme to look forward to, haven’t had that luxury since LOST!

  5. Paul said

    Absolutely agree with previous comments. The “mini series” has been excellent, but for those of us who like to see some conclusion to the storyline, it is a ‘must’ to get the second series produced.

  6. Dave Betts said

    I have loved this series but what a let down tonight. It has left the story line without any answers. This surely is not the final episode. When will the next series start??

  7. Tracey said

    Have absolutely loved this series of Survivors. Does the BBC know anything further about a second series yet, judging by viewing figures from this series?

  8. Rich Cross said

    Hi Alex

    Show creator Adrian Hodges discusses his plans for series two of Survivors in the feature in SciFiNow magazine No 21. If the show is popular enough to warrant recommissioning, then Hodges will be very keen to press ahead to develop a second series. Everything rests on how well the first new series is received.

  9. Alex said

    Your use of the term “first series” implies there will be more in the future. The fact that there are only six episodes being made hinted to me that this was more of a miniseries than anything. Do you actually know if it will continue beyond these six episodes? Or is that an unknown, to be determined by how the show rates?

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