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Survivors: novelisation cover

Posted by Rich Cross on November 6, 2008

Orion have released the artwork for the cover of their republished release of Terry Nation’s Survivors novel. The novel is released on 27 November.

The cover features the characters (left-to-right) of Greg Preston, Abby Grant, Tom Price and Jenny Collins.

The cover price of the new paperback edition is £6.99 (256 pages; 198 x 129 mm) and the 13-digit ISBN is 9781409102649.

Cover of Survivors novelisation, published by Orion

Cover of Survivors novelisation


5 Responses to “Survivors: novelisation cover”

  1. Chris Hinchley said

    Of course the reprint is going to make no sense whatsoever to anyone who buys it on the strength of the new show.

  2. Chris Hinchley said

    I’m so not looking forward to this; the series based on the book. As a proud owner of the original novel (which I bought when I was 14 and I’m now 46) the most shocking aspect was where nation wanted to take it – to the matricide of Abbey by David on the beach. That still haunts me now, 32 years later. So to hear that that raw and shocking aspect isn’t carried through in the new series…. well, I wish them well. I’ll be watching, but feel like a meanie – if they can’t retain anything, including the haunting score, of the original, then I think I’ll feel a little bit like all those Trekkers in the US currently vomiting over the new Trek trailer. (Which actually I love).

    The original novel cover has Abbey through a cracked mirror. Sublime and powerful; here, we have a load of people looking good for the camera. Oh dear.

    I really really think I’m going to dislike this, but would love to be proven wrong.


  3. Steve said

    Really looking forward to the new series. I see it as largely a new version that one detract from my continued enjoyment of the original. The re-make issue is not a serious one for me. I can enjoy the 1938 Adventures of Robin Hood and the 1990s Prince of Thieves on their own terms why not the same with Survivors, Day The Earth Stood Still etc.? One thing though, the cover for the new novelisation is dreadful and conveys nothing about the drama with a font style that shows no thought. I hope this is not a reflection on other aspects of the production….

  4. Paul said

    I’ve got a copy of the original Nation book (still) and beyond a certain point – about the first three episodes of series 1 – it’s not really the same at all. There’s no Charles Vaughan (from Corn Dolly), none of the S1 minor characters (Arthur, Paul, Emma, Wendy, Barney). No “Law and Order” either.

    There is the basic problem with Greg/Jenny/Abby but beyond that not a lot. I’m okay with Freema Agyeman, don’t know Paterson Joseph, not convinced Julie Graham will be a patch on Carolyn Seymour.

    Presumably they won’t follow the book too slavishly as it would rather damage the chance of a Series 2 of “New Survivors”.

  5. Alex said

    It’s going to be so hard to watch this and not remember the original series’ characters. I remember being rivetted to the first season of the first series, but I assume there’s not going to be a tennis ball machine or housekeeper in the new Abby’s life. LOL.

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