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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

SciFiNow – original and new series features

Posted by Rich Cross on November 17, 2008

The four-page full-colour guide to the original Survivors (authored by the editor of this blog) which first appeared in the April 2008 of SciFiNow, has been republished in Volume One of the SciFiNow – Timewarp collection, which is now available in newsagents. The 256-page ‘special’ [ISBN: 978-1-906078-19-5] retails for £9.99.

The five-page feature on the the new series, which appears in the current issue of SciFiNow (Issue 21) (also written by this blog’s editor), will be available in shops until 27 November (cover price, £4.00).

SciFi Now - 21 and Timewarp Collection Vol 1

SciFi Now - 21 and Timewarp Collection Vol 1


3 Responses to “SciFiNow – original and new series features”

  1. David said

    £10 for a magazine? You got to be joking!!!!!

  2. Chris Hinchley said

    It’s not a remake from what I’ve seen so far – it’s a cut and paste. Buy the original on DVD.

  3. Debbie said

    I loved the original series and have been wanting to get it on DVD for ages. So glad that there is going to be a remake!

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