Survivors – BBC TV

The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Blog editor discusses Survivors on BBC Radio Stoke

Posted by Rich Cross on November 23, 2008

The editor of this blog was briefly interviewed on the Breakfast show on BBC Radio Stoke on Friday 21 November (just after 8am), discussing the original Survivors and the impending broadcast of the remake.

A quick couple of points to note: the intro and outro refer to me as “the author of a guidebook” on Survivors. This should, of course, have been “the co-author of a guidebook”, as The End of the World?: The unofficial and unauthorised guide to Survivors was penned with my co-writer Andy Priestner. Also, the interview is brought to a close at the very moment where I was about to express an opinion of the new Survivors, based on the preview screening of episode one. As it stands, the exchange ends with me indicating some of my early concerns about the remake, rather describing my relief and excitement now having seen the first installment of the new series…

The interview will be available on the Listen Again service until 10am on Friday 28 November. Select > Listen Again > Breakfast > Friday.


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