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Adrian Hodges describes the demise of Jenny in episode one

Posted by Rich Cross on November 24, 2008

On the Digital Spy web site, show creator Adrian Hodges today explains his decision to ‘kill off’ the character of Jenny (played by Freema Ageyman) in the first episode.

“There’s nothing wrong with the character,” he says, “and there’s certainly nothing wrong with the actress who played her, but I didn’t think she had a dynamic in the group that was particularly interesting. I felt we could give fans of the original a surprise by killing off a major character from the original that they expected to go on in the series, and at the same time create a new character in Anya (Zoe Tapper) that seemed a bit more lively and connected.”


5 Responses to “Adrian Hodges describes the demise of Jenny in episode one”

  1. Vicky said

    I can see why jenny in the old series sense might be needless now adays but the new replacement isn’t at all endearing like she was.

    Ian Middleton we had to presume she died as she told that Anya she was coming down with symptoms. I thought she might pop up yet -shame now we know she wont as Freema is endearing!

    I hope greg remains as forthright and pure as in the original :)

  2. David said

    So who is Greg going to fall in love with?

    Anya is a gay character. She was kissing the sick girl who came in with Jenny.

  3. Alex said

    I don’t mind this decision at all. Jenny was whiny and annoying for much of the original series, while Anya could prove to become a strong and useful character.

  4. Ian Middleton said

    Did they kill her off? When? I didn’t really notice. Probably still had my fingers in my ears trying to escape that awful formulaic BBC drama by numbers music!

  5. Producer said

    I personally think that this was a very wise decision. If one character cannot or will not develop any further, why not replace that character with a more dynamic one that has the ability to become interesting?

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