2 thoughts on “Episode one script available from BBC Writers’ Room

  1. I absolutely agree! Dreadful directing and ridiculous camera angles. I have waited 30 years for this pathetic remake.
    I will keep watching to see what is different as hinted at the ending. After years of telling all my friends what a brilliant series it was I hang my head in shame now. So disappointing!

  2. BBC should have saved the money and shown the repeat of the 1975 original programme
    I was very disappointed with this first episode – what a let down with all the hype too! I have been and am still waiting for the original to be repeated (I was only 12 but I do very clearly remember it (and the protect and Survive public anouncments)
    With artistic licence I suppose flu is more al a mode but the smallpox was a lot more dramatic and effective

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