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Episode two – preview video online

Posted by Rich Cross on November 25, 2008

A one-minute-and-a-bit preview video for episode two has been added to the BBC Survivors web site (see screengrab below).

Episode two preview

Episode two preview

A review of this episode will be added to the blog later this week.


5 Responses to “Episode two – preview video online”

  1. David said

    The lab scenes only make sense if they originally released the virus on purpose.

    But here is the problem if they made the virus why would they release it before creating a vaccine for it first.

  2. Nick said

    A few observations

    1) So now the baddies have guns and the goodies (well Abby) would rather die than fight. No one has sugested arming for self defence? Do they want to survive? Mind you Abby seems suicidal in her hunt for her son.

    2) The decision is made to go house to house to collect food and supplies, glad I am not in that group. A warehouse, a truck and a chain of helpers loading the truck would be far more efficient than searching kitchen cupboards.

    3) The lab? Really hope that that will end up making sense.

    4) Communication would be somewhat of a priority (better than going out to look for Greg), no phones but what about CB radio?

    If this was a school report, it would end “could do better”

    Oh, it did!

  3. Wendy said

    I will reserve serious judgement until the final episode but my first reaction to the remake is not favourable so far. I am a fan of this type of scenario and watched the original series at the time, and since on DVD, so what is the problem? Well, everything really. A remake should be just that, not change it. The characters are more different and more so than they need to be. The story is recognisable but deviating too much for my liking. It would have been great to improve on the original and yes, throw in minor details like the use of mobile phones perhaps if we have to suffer it. When you make a period drama like Dickens or the Bronte sisters no one would dream of altering the story or the characters. It just wouldn’t work so why do this to Terry Nation’s classic? In my view it might have been better to make a story of the world thirty years on from the original pandemic or call it something else and make a completely new story based on the original idea for our time. The fine acting is wasted! Bottom line? The remake is a disaster in itself and I doubt it will capture a sizeable audience like the original did. People today are brain dead with so much to choose from. Super heroes offer fast moving scenarios but Survivors requires a little thought which is lacking in the present generation and, if those who do think are left yawning then, once again the BBC has wasted our licence fee!

  4. Christopher said

    Looking forward to the review.

    Im thinking new Greg is rather more credible, and rounded, than old Greg.

    Dont like the lab though

  5. Ian Middleton said

    Nope…sorry. This has absolutely passed me by.

    I realised about a third into the second episode that I just wasn’t really engaged with the story. They just haven’t validated any of the storylines. Its almost as if they have written it with the assumption that you will know the gist from the original series so they can’t be bothered.

    They haven’t put in the effort to establish belief in any of it. On Sunday it was all drama and people dying, today its just Eastenders style macho bores squaring up to each other with shotguns and grateful ladies swooning over pseudo macho heroic figures.

    Just a sad, pale run through of the original story. Going through the motions. A real indictment of 21st century BBC drama that it can’t even engage on the same level as something made 32 years ago, on probably a fifth of the budget.

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