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New series DVD – new release date and special features listed

Posted by Rich Cross on November 30, 2008

The release date for the three-disc DVD of the first series of the new Survivors (which was previously announced as 5 January) has now been confirmed as 26 January 2009.

The release is listed for pre-order on Amazon; the BBC shop, and on other online retailers. The listed price is £29.99, though several retailers are discounting this to less than £18.00 (for pre-order).

The (unconfirmed) list of ‘special features’ on the release are as follows:

  • Making of Survivors
  • Character Profiles
  • Survivors Special Effects Featurette
  • Easter Egg

2 Responses to “New series DVD – new release date and special features listed”

  1. Lindy said

    I remain disappointed in this new sanitised version. But I continue to watch as it is a great story. Why oh why, with all the technology and modern camera capabilities is it so staid in it’s direction? The original story shocked us every week whereas this is timid. If, as I have been led to believe, there are only 6 episodes then it is too slow and empty in total.

  2. James said

    Seeing as it was shot in HD and is being shown on BBC HD it seems a bit odd that there’s no Blu-Ray release date.

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