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BBC Four to repeat ‘Cult of… Survivors’ – 16 December 2008

Posted by Rich Cross on December 8, 2008

The well-received 2006 BBC documentary on the original series The Cult of… Survivors is to be repeated on BBC Four at 10.00pm on 16 December 2008. The transmission will follow straight-on from the broadcast of the penultimate episode of the new series on BBC One.

As well as clips from across the three series, the documentary features interviews with Ian McCulloch (Greg), Carolyn Seymour (Abby), Lucy Fleming (Jenny), director Pennant Roberts and scriptwriter Martin Worth.

The documentary is also included as a special feature on the three-series DVD boxset released in November.


2 Responses to “BBC Four to repeat ‘Cult of… Survivors’ – 16 December 2008”

  1. Patrick said

    I thoroughly enjoy the whole concept of ‘what if’ in the case of an epidemic but the six episodes have only just chipped at the edges of the longer term issues faced by the survivors.
    The ending of episode six, I feel, was very weak in that it left things hanging more as if it was mid series. It didn’t leave things,in any way,at a cross roads or at any significant point.
    The ‘Dream’ scene was of Peter, Abby’s son even though the closing scenes were equally about Greg (Who could be dying)and Max.
    I really hope there is a second series.

  2. dd said

    is there going to be a second series of survivors , as its amazing , and 6 episodes arnt enough for me……..

    if there isnt , programme makers, get working ,, chop to it :)


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