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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Audience picks up for Survivors fourth episode

Posted by Rich Cross on December 11, 2008

The Brand Republic site reports that viewing figures for the fourth episode of Survivors appear to have reversed the downward trend experienced in previous weeks – albeit modestly. According to unofficial overnight figures, 4.8m viewers tuned in to watch the programme (a 20.7% audience share), comfortably outdoing the competition on ITV1 from Champion’s League coverage of a Chelsea match. This puts the programme back into the ‘average’ band expected for the 9pm Tuesday slot on BBC One.


4 Responses to “Audience picks up for Survivors fourth episode”

  1. Steve said

    I think it’s going pretty well on the whole. Very different from the original (but then it had to be) while keeping enough in place to make it the same basic story.

    I also think they have a reason for the apparent ‘oh well, let’s see what fun we can have’ attitude. They’re currently in denial of the enormity of the event. Petrol and cars are still available (at the moment they still seem to be just picking up a new car when the petrol runs out in the old one, which may explain away the clean car syndrome…), food is still available from shops and homes, and so on.

    I’d hope that the second series shows reality kicking in as supplies become scarcer, the future is exposed and they’re forced to begin to contemplate an irrevocably changed world. Even with 99% of the original population of the UK killed off, there are approaching 700,000 people left – statistically more of them initially will be in fairly close contact with each other. So the potential for community/conflict/social/tribal stories to be told will increase. I’m very interested to see how this will be imagined.

  2. Gus said

    I disagree, i thought it finally got going and is building up a head of steam. Six episodes however to depict the aftermath of “almost the end of the world” Is abit difficult.It lacks the Chracters of the first series, poor Jimmy Garland. Max Beesley is outstanding as a very differnet Tom Price. Why do i get the feeling they are going to kill him off. Needs a strong episode 5 and 6 to keep the interst going. Lacks the depth of the original but still good stuff.

  3. David said

    Yeah, I am a little bit disappointed by it too.

    They might as well have just repeated the first season of the original.

  4. Ian Middleton said

    It was rubbish though wasn’t it? A really bad ‘re-imagining’ of the original storyline.

    I thought they had maybe started to stray momentarily into a new and original direction about half way through episode 3, but this week they were right back in there with all kettle drums blazing and a telescoped version of the original.

    I mean would they all be driving about in BMWs at this point? Not particularly fuel efficient are they? But they do all appear to be able to spend lots of time cleaning them as every one of them is shiny and polished even though they are supposed to be driving round country lanes. Maybe a few carwashes survived the holocaust then.

    None of them seem particularly bothered that the rest of the world is dead though. Its like they just walked out of civilisation right into a nice ready-made brave new world. It takes a little bit more than a few furrowed brows and meaningful stares to set the scene for something as monumental as the end of the world don’t you think? True, they are somewhat hamstrung by only having 6 episodes to develop the story but if they are going to blunder about like this why bother in the first place? Typical half-hearted BBC focus group mindset if you ask me.

    I think I’ll stick it out until the end of this series, but if they are making another one I wouldn’t count on adding me to the viewing figures.

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