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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Trailer for Survivors episode five

Posted by Rich Cross on December 11, 2008

A 54-second trailer for the fifth (and penultimate) episode of the first series of Survivors has been added to the BBC Survivors mini-site.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 Responses to “Trailer for Survivors episode five”

  1. Dave Lunt said

    The main point (difference) about “survivors” is that just about everybody is dead. So there are resources everywhere, I don’t believe Ray Mears and chums are going to start making shelters etc. when he just can walk into a house, open some tins of food and sleep in a comfortable bed…

    Unfortunately, if they did start gathering equipment, growing crops etc, somebody could just come along, kill them and take it all. If they could find a stronghold, gather enough guns and ammunition and an army of guards to patrol 24 hours a day. They would end up running an army, fighting with the other militia over equipment, guns etc.. and having to provided the guards with food and leadership. Bit of a different scenario….

    If I’m a survivor; I will be heading of to an island somewhere in the sun on a large sailing yacht …

  2. John v said

    I fully agree with Amelia Jenkins.
    Most of us have an idea what we would do in such a situation- move to a fortified house ( or castle) on a hill with waterpowered generators- get weapons- set up a small farm ( not just a few chickens kept as pets), not too dissimilar to the original series. But this lot- well it all seems rather like an extended vacation in the Big Brother house. I’m very disappointed in what seems a great missed opportunity to embellish the original series what with the huge advances in CGI etc since the 1970’s. The first series wasn’t pefect and lost its direction in series 2 when it began to be too introspective. This series began like that and hasn’t moved on significantly. No doubt the BBC couldn’t care less- I’m sure it’ll make huge profits via worldwide sales, DVD’s etc. But as to it being an improvement on the original- get real.

    I hope the next Sci-fi series- Day of the Triffids is better than this- otherwise Beeb- stick with what you do best-Lark Rise to Candleford etc.

  3. amelia jenkins said

    I cant undestand how any of the survivors think they are going to survive – they have made no effort to organise water supplies, food for the future, fuel etc – the whole series is just about personalities if you can call them that – nothing about survival – the writer obviously never talked to anyone in the SAS or Ray Mears or Bear Grylls, people living in hostile environments etc about real surviving. This is an amazing missed opportunity – it is all ridiculous – just a bunch of people with ready supply of clothes – where did they come from – in a grand house in which they have squatted – what happened to the owners? with a car that never runs out of fuel enough food – how are they keeping it fresh? – there are just too many holes in the whole story for it to be at all convincing –
    survivors? nonsense

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