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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Last day of series stacker iPlayer option for Survivors series one

Posted by Rich Cross on December 30, 2008

Access to all six episodes of the first series of Survivors on the BBC’s iPlayer service will cease at 9:29pm on Tuesday 30 December, when the ‘series stacker’ option for the programme comes to an end.

The series one DVD will be released for sale on 26 January 2009.

(2 January update: Although all Survivors episodes have now been withdrawn from the main iPlayer, episode six is still available from the BBC Survivors mini-site until 5 January. This version is the one with in-screen sign-language).


2 Responses to “Last day of series stacker iPlayer option for Survivors series one”

  1. liz said

    I totally agree, they are advertising BBC iplayer as the way forward. Now i have some time i wanted to watch the last 2 episodes but cant. why am i paying my licence fee towards this media function then. usually they are saved for ages. why not for this programme.Will just have to stop watching new progs on BBC in case this happens again !!! VERY UNHAPPY!!!!

  2. Kiki said

    This is rubbish, I thought I could catch up when coming back from holiday and now I cant watch survivors anymore. Could not access iplayer from Germany either. I think I need to get back to old technology, dig out my VCR and programm it in next time I am away…..

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