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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Adrian Hodges discusses reception for series one and plans for series two

Posted by Rich Cross on January 2, 2009

In an interview for the Total SciFi site showrunner and main scriptwriter Adrian Hodges discusses the reception of the first series of the new Survivors and his plans for series two.

There are no specific series two spoilers, but in the interview he reveals the following:

I read Terry Nation’s book very carefully, and I’ve read it again since, and I will read it again before I start working on the second series. There was a lot at the front of the book that I wanted to use directly or indirectly, and there was a lot in the second half that I wanted to use, but over a long period of time…

We will be resolving the cliffhanger relatively quickly, at least one part of it… All the characters are coming back, but I can’t say for sure how long Paterson [Joseph (Greg Preston)] is back for because that’s the cliffhanger…

[A]s the structure of the world begins to disintegrate, you’ll see more of the world collapsing. It will gradually become more tribal, in the sense that people will form alliances and groups.


2 Responses to “Adrian Hodges discusses reception for series one and plans for series two”

  1. David said

    Can’t Hodges not write original episodes not based on the book?

  2. Dan S said

    that cliffhanger ending of the 2008 series has forced me to download the original 1970’s series for more Survivors!

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