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Scotland on Sunday suggests Survivors could be rescheduled

Posted by Rich Cross on May 11, 2009

The Scotland on Sunday newspaper (10 May 2009) reports that series two of Survivors could be delayed or rescheduled by the BBC – becoming the “latest victim of swine flu”.

It suggests that the BBC could rethink the timing of the transmission of series two if the real-world context of a swine flu pandemic rendered the drama “a little too close to reality”.

A BBC spokesperson told the paper: “We can confirm a second series of Survivors was commissioned last year. We are monitoring developments with regard to swine flu and no transmission date has been set.”


5 Responses to “Scotland on Sunday suggests Survivors could be rescheduled”

  1. Marnie Quinlan said

    I am in Australia. Everytime I try to play the videos, it states “Not available in your area” and cites Copyright issues”.
    This is absurd.

  2. I don’t see why series 2 should be rescheduled since the flu which causes lumbs under the arms already broke out in the series in 2008. It’s obvious that the swineflu isn’t spreading as fast as the flu in the series.
    People that follow the series know already what happened so it’s no use delaying series 2. I have no mental problems of seeing series 1 in combination with the current swineflu.
    All the supporters of the series want to know how and have the right to know how it goes on after the “cliffhanger” of the last episode of Series 1.

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  4. I think holding it off is moronic. People can tell the difference between Real life and a TV PROGRAMME!!! Its not real, its fictional and is a great programme to watch, i never missed one and even before the first one finished i was waiting for the next one. Its the best show that i have watched besides Causualty. Dont hold off, air it soon!!!

  5. Milton Rose said

    Leaving aside the rights-and-wrongs of any decision that the BBC might make about this, the Press Office’s matter-of-fact response to the Scotland on Sunday‘s ‘story’ leaves the paper looking a bit over-excited to say the least.

    The BBC won’t make any decision about scheduling the transmission of Survivors series two until the late summer at the earliest and the corporation’s hardly like to say “we don’t give a monkey’s about how bad swine flu gets”.

    Seems to me that currently there is less to this than meets the eye…

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