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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Survivors series two – features press day

Posted by Rich Cross on October 22, 2009

BBC Drama Publicity held the first major press promotion for series two of Survivors in central London today (22 October 2009). Feature writers for both print and online publications were invited to interview Survivors cast members and key creative and production staff. Material from the day will not be published until closer to the transmission date for episode one of series two – a date that has not yet been confirmed by the BBC.


6 Responses to “Survivors series two – features press day”

  1. Chris Allen said

    Looks like “Survivors” will now be part of the New Year line-up.

    Probably situated sometime between the start of January and the beginning of the new “Doctor Who” series in (approximately) May is my guess.

  2. Dan said

    It figures that with swine flu being in the news a great deal, this would delay transmission.

  3. Ole said

    Still no transmission dates after one month…this is odd..I wonder if this means the BBC will now wait to broadcast until after Xmas… was thinking perhaps the BBC are even being pressured by the UK Govt to postpone because of the swine flu pandemic…

  4. marcos, (Brasil- said

    I want more notices, please Rich *———–*

  5. nydrali said

    Hi from Italy! Here the show was cancelled, so I’m watching all the episode in english.. no problem, thanks to sub! ^_^ But now I HAVE a problem… when it’ll start the new series??

  6. katie houston said

    love this program from the BBC, great work from the cast and crew, shows a really great team to be able to come up with the amazing story lines.

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