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Survivors series two – January 2010

Posted by Rich Cross on December 10, 2009

The BBC Press Office reports the second episode of series two of Survivors will broadcast at 9pm on BBC1 Tuesday 12 January 2010 (episode two is featured as a highlight of that week’s schedule). Although not confirmed, this makes it all-but certain that the first episode of series two would be shown on Tuesday 5 January 2010.

The Press Office’s guide to episode two contains plot ***SPOILERS***.

Survivors – series two – episode two

With Abby still missing and Greg recovering from his injuries, the family are holed up in the city, scavenging for survival, as the series written by Adrian Hodges and starring Julie Graham, Paterson Joseph, Zoe Tapper, Max Beesley and Nikki Amuka-Bird continues.

While Naj leaves graffiti messages across the crumbling landscape for Abby, Tom steals supplies from another group of survivors. The family learn that other people have been abducted in the same way as Abby, and that the kidnappers bear the markings of PSJ, a pharmaceutical company with offices in the city.

As Tom leads Al, Anya and Sarah off on this trail, Greg and Naj find themselves confronted by the group Tom stole from.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Abby finds herself re-infected by Whittaker, who will stop at nothing to find his miracle vaccine…

Abby is played by Julie Graham, Greg by Paterson Joseph, Naj by Chahak Patel, Tom by Max Beesley, Al by Phillip Rhys, Anya by Zoe Tapper and Sarah by Robyn Addison.

Survivors is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC’s High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.

BBC Press Office. 2009. Survivors. 10 December.

Thanks to everyone who contacted the blog with this news


6 Responses to “Survivors series two – January 2010”

  1. Clive Lancaster said

    Fantastic news! I have just watched the first series back to back and cannot wait for the new one to kick off…..any extras needed? i’d love to be in it?!

  2. Ole said

    With the 2nd series broadcast date now beginning in January, I wonder how much delay there will be of the DVD release?

  3. Luis said

    apparently they changed it.

    it’s not there anymore.

  4. Alex said

    Awesome. Noted in diary!

  5. john Mair said

    Woo Hoo,
    I’ve been waiting very impatiently for the second series to begin!

    cant wait to see it!!

  6. Marcos-Brasil said

    *———-* I’m very happy O/(Õ

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