Survivors – BBC TV

The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Press and publicity coverage for Survivors series two gathers pace

Posted by Rich Cross on January 5, 2010

Press coverage ahead of next week’s transmission of episode one of series two of Survivors gathers pace online and in print.

Amongst the new online features are: ‘Survivors to be grittier and darker in season two‘ (SciFiPulse, 5 January); a cast interview feature in TV Choice magazine (5 January) with a different promo shot of Abby on the home page; What’s On TV offers a preview of episode one and episode two, and a gallery of (very small versions of) promotional BBC stills.

On the SFX news blog, Dave Golder has posted an extremely positive review of the first two episodes of series two (note the review is – inevitably – full of ***SPOILERS***)

There’s also a new Survivors listings page on the BBC One Programmes website.

Many thanks to Adrian H for his help in tracking down this material so promptly


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