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Paterson Joseph on BBC One Breakfast

Posted by Rich Cross on January 7, 2010

Paterson Joseph (Greg) appeared on the sofa of the BBC One Breakfast news programme this morning to discuss Survivors (along with Peep Show and his shortlisting for the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who).

Joseph’s interview was combined with extracts from episode one of Survivors series two – showing the wounded Greg left in the care of Sarah and Najid; Tom scavenging for medicine in a crumbling pharmacy; Al and Anya grabbing materials from a smoke-filled hospital surgery; Tom driving the jeep through the rubbish-strewn city streets; and Tom insisting that Najid and Sarah come with him (leaving Greg behind to help Anya – “if you want to see [her] again”).

Paterson Joseph on BBC Breakfast, 7 January 2010


3 Responses to “Paterson Joseph on BBC One Breakfast”

  1. Scott said

    Any clips of this anywhere?

    missed it – did know it was on!

  2. catriona said

    Typical been waiting so long then second episode moved because of football, anychance they can show second episode on bbc3 later that night

  3. Lorna said

    Argh, I didn’t know he was on! I don’t suppose there are any clips anywhere?

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, the second episode has been pushed back a week because of the football.

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