Survivors second episode delayed a week by live football

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that the showing of the second episode of series two of Survivors will be delayed by a week, because of a rescheduled Carling Cup football match.

The semi-final fixture between Manchester City and Manchester United was due to take place on 6 January, but was postponed because of the heavy snowfalls in the region. The rearranged match will now be shown live on BBC One at 09:00pm on 19 January 2010 – meaning that episode two of Survivors (which would have been shown at that time) will be pushed back a week.

There will therefore be a gap of two weeks between transmission of episode one of Survivors‘ second series (12 January) and episode two (26 January).

3 thoughts on “Survivors second episode delayed a week by live football

  1. Typical! Have been looking forward to the second episode all day only to find it’s been ousted by a bunch of grotesquely overpaid eejits kicking a lump of leather around. :(

    1. Hi Emma – there’s no indication from the BBC that a repeat showing of series one is planned at the moment. Series one is, of course, available on Region 2 DVD and through iTunes download.

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