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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

An unofficial guidebook to the BBC’s remake of Survivors

Posted by Rich Cross on January 10, 2010

The Survivorsbbctv blog is pleased to announce the publication of a new guidebook on the BBC’s remake of Survivors, written by the author of this blog and published by Classic TV Press. Full details as follows:

WORLDS APART: The unofficial and unauthorised guide to the new SURVIVORS

Worlds Apart front coverOne of the standout televisual highlights of recent years, Survivors succeeded in remaining true to the essence of the original series whilst delivering strong characters and storylines, and a hauntingly modern setting. Starring Julie Graham, Paterson Joseph, Max Beesley and Zoë Tapper, the remake proved to be a series which could be enjoyed both by those coming to the show with no memories or awareness of its predecessor and enthusiasts of Terry Nation’s original. Published on 7 April 2010, this guidebook – though unofficial and unauthorised – serves as a comprehensive guide to the new Survivors and includes:

  • A detailed behind-the-scenes section on the ‘making of’ the new series
  • In-depth synopses and reviews of all of the episodes from Series 1 and 2
  • Cast and crew interview material
  • An exploration of previous attempts to revive Survivors
  • Similarities and differences between the new Survivors and the original series
  • An examination of Terry Nation’s original novel on which the new series is partly based
  • A photographic guide to the first series’s filming locations and exclusive production shots

The book is currently available to buy at a discounted price from Classic TV Press.


5 Responses to “An unofficial guidebook to the BBC’s remake of Survivors”

  1. irene garcia said

    Wow what an awesome series!!! Im so dissapointed :( no SEASON 3!
    Someone please……

  2. Roland Jagados said

    It sounds interesting! I just ordered a copy!
    I love this series, I started watching the old one too. It’s a bit slow in getting to the point and there are some really boring scenes but I enjoy watching it!

    Kind regards,


  3. Hey Rich,

    I’d like to buy your older book on the original Survivors series but it appears to be out of print. Do you have any copies that you would be willing to part with?


    • Rich Cross said

      Hi Adam

      You should still be able to buy copies direct from the publisher’s website (scroll down the page to find the listing for the book in the Telos catalogue). You’re right that Amazon, and a couple of other online retailers, are not currently listing the book – which is not that unusual for a small press title five years after publication. Let me know if you have any problems picking up a copy from Telos.

  4. Hilary said

    I am still hoping that BBC Canada takes up series 2. Can someone let me know when this might happen? Thank you.

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