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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Survivors episode one – more reviews

Posted by Rich Cross on January 17, 2010

More reviews of episode one of series two of Survivors appear in The Times (which also previewed the show (on 9 January)); The Telegraph; and on the

One Response to “Survivors episode one – more reviews”

  1. matt powell said

    Maybe it’s my age but this latest series of “survivors” is utter crap. It lacks any of the pace and excitement of the original series
    or maybe that’s as exciting as it got for teenage lads back in the 70’s

    It seems a real opportunity has been missed here….In 2010 there seems a real thirst for knowledge about self sufficiency, how
    to grow your own food, rear livestock, generate and conserve your own heat and electricity biofuel technology, and generally
    harvest natures bounty. In a post apocalyptic world you would have thought these were interesting topics to look at

    Instead we have some really poor acting and a load of characters that we could care less about. The concentration camp
    style laboratory performing human experiments….the rule of the gun….well for me it just lacks any credibility….they’ve even
    wheeled out an ageing TRIGGER, a modern day Fagin trucker, freewheeling the clutter free motorways in his lorry at 6MPG
    picking up vulnerable young men to work as slaves in a coal mine….I mean really come on

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