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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

No news yet on plans for a third series of Survivors

Posted by Rich Cross on February 23, 2010

The BBC have not, as yet (22:20 UK time, Tuesday 23 February 2010), confirmed whether or not there will be a third series of Survivors. As soon as that information is made available, it will be publicised here.


95 Responses to “No news yet on plans for a third series of Survivors”

  1. Dan & Sheila said

    We are from Canada and just watched the complete two seasons. Great series and we hope BBC finally decides to come up with a third series of Survivors. They left it hanging.

    • Annabel said

      Yes it’s a shame, here in the UK we have been waiting years.. It was such a cool series, hope they get it together to finish what they started!

  2. Jono said

    Please there must be a 3rd one :)

  3. Toni said

    A brilliant series and can’t wait for the third one……take note BBC you have a winner here……give us punters what we like…You do drama so well….and Survivors is it! A third series. Please. I’d pay my licence fee for this one alone.
    I don’t think the story is atall far fetched, it prods the imagine with the desperation we would feel. I think that the charactor Abby is the glue that holds, not only the group, but the series together. Yes Tom is great and it would be awful to see him killed off, he’s the ‘loose cannon’ that has us all waiting for him to explode. Great charactors, great tension, superb drama with lots of ideas that could be explred.

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