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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Survivors series two, episode six attracts 3.66m viewers

Posted by Rich Cross on February 24, 2010

The Media Guardian reports that the sixth and final episode of Survivors second series attracted 3.66 million viewers (a 14.4% audience share).


7 Responses to “Survivors series two, episode six attracts 3.66m viewers”

  1. Morpheus X said

    We Yanks have just gotten Survivors on BBC America and it has quickly become one of my favorite shows and one of my top sci fi shows of all time – and that’s saying a lot for a sci fi snob like me.

    I don’t understand how you Brits can stomach only getting 6 FRACKING EPISODES PER SEASON?!!!!
    Are you serious?? Any sci fi show we put out in the States gets at LEAST 20 episodes per season. Some get 22! The entire show arc is only 12 episodes so far. Preposterous!

    That being said, each episode is soooo deeply satisfying and so well written, superbly acted, sumptuously textured and filled with nuance, solid plot devices and story points that each episode feels like 3 episodes’ worth of an American show.So in the end, even though it’s only 6 eps, they are easily as satisfying as 20 of ours.

    I think I would go raving mad if there was no 3rd season. Simply one of the best shows, sci fi or otherwise to hit the telly in eons.

    Thanks Brits, for Survivors. Oh, yeah and for Hugh Laurie as well. House is one of the bst shows on American TV. :-)

    • As you said, we want quality not quantity and Survivors certainly has quality in abundance. I would definately like more episodes per season but unfortunately the BBC can’t churn out shows like the American networks can. Some of our programmes, like Torchwood, have been thirteen per season and the old Survivors series had the same. I would sooner have six top notch episodes then twenty average ones.

  2. trish said

    I will be totally guttered if they do not do a third series. It is only thing I actually think is worth watching! One of the best shows ever!

  3. Alex said

    Wow what a great episode! Need more!!!

  4. Nephtys59 said

    It would be foolish to leave us like that with a cliffhanger of Tom on the airplane … I want a third season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rob D said

    These days, those are impressive numbers. The beeb would be Bonkers not to commission a third series.

  6. Let’s just hope this is good enough to convince the programme makers to do a third series.

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