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Total SciFi set visit report from series two location filming

Posted by Rich Cross on March 4, 2010

The Total SciFi site’s Paul Simpson has posted (3 March 2010) a report from a set visit he made during the latter stages of the filming of Survivors second series in 2009. During the visit to various locations, Simpson interviews Phillip Rhys (Al), Chahak Patel (Najid) and showrunner Adrian Hodges – who concludes:

“In some ways we feel that we’ve barely begun with Survivors, but in other ways I have to accept that this might be its final series… What I’ve tried to do with this series is give a satisfying conclusion so that if it proves to be the last episode, at least it will feel like a series that has finished in an appropriate way, but at the same time, almost every door is left open.”


4 Responses to “Total SciFi set visit report from series two location filming”

  1. Iseult Hayes said

    I too am suffering severe Survivors withdrawal, as is my partner!!! While the second series ended brilliantly, I still think that there is a lot of story left to tell. Please BBC get going on series 3…I’m begging!!!

  2. john Mair said

    Come ON, get series 3,4,5,6,….. commissioned – i have withdrawal on a tuesday as it is….

  3. Phil in Cambridge said

    Thanks Rich that’s interesting – I agree that Adrian H contrived a good ending – with Abby re-united and Tom off to a new home in the sun (though i still think it’s north Scotland based on the range of the DC3).

    But that’s not what we want is it?! There’s so much more to explore and the social/moral implications presented are far beyond the usual tv drama. Let’s face it – in one way or another something like this could really happen one day. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

    BBC we want Series 3 and 4 at least! Does anyone know an effective way of getting a message to them? Do they read these blogs?

    • Rich Cross said

      Hi Phil. Yes, staff working for the BBC do follow this blog, so comments posted here may well be picked up and fed back. In addition to joining the Facebook group campaigning for a third series’ commission; comments can be submitted directly through the BBC website.

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