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Survivors to premiere in Australia on Channel Nine in March

Posted by Rich Cross on March 11, 2010

Survivors‘ international reach extends down under, with the news that the series will premiere on Channel Nine in Australia, begining on 21 March.

14 Responses to “Survivors to premiere in Australia on Channel Nine in March”

  1. Alex said

    There are lots of negative comments about this at Nine’s official site:

  2. amanda schultz said

    nine has wrecked a great show yet again, cant wait for uktv to play the whole thing no cuts last nights finished with to be continued…. when?

  3. Jeff said

    All makes sense now. Tonight’s “finale” was horrible cut, with scenes jumping ahead with obvious parts missing. Worst butchering of a series I have ever scene. Why?

  4. Alex said

    Oh dear, it gets worse… last night’s ep rated 22nd at 406,000… Nine had somehow munged eps 2&3 into one long episode.. and the remaining three eps apparantly come together in next week’s “conclusion”.

  5. Steve said

    Just watched what should be week two. By comparing with the episode outlines on Wiki it looks like we have had three episodes (ep 2-4) tonight butchered into a two hour show. It concludes next week according to the announcer. So in other words we are getting 6 weeks worth of Series 1 in three weeks. Channel 9 sucks.

  6. Alex said

    In Sunday’s ratings, it rated 18th most watched show of the day, with an audience of just under 500,000 in five state capitals. The top rated show for the night was Air Ways, an Australian version of ITV’s Airline. It had about three times the viewers at 1,467,000.

    Doesn’t bode well.

  7. Alex said

    I noticed during the week the slot had been reduced from two (commercial) hours to 90 minutes… I took a look at the start of the show and the opening airport scene was apparently the first to hit Nine’s editing room’s floor.

    From that, I would gather that most likely the remainder of the episodes will get butchered to 42 minutes.

    Beky was right, this is going to suck on Nine.

  8. Saw the advert for Survivors on Channel 9. Making it look a little Americanised. It will be on at 9.30pm on a Sunday night after ‘V’.

  9. Oh no, the worse channel. Channel 9 is well known for screening science fiction related tv shows and cancelling the show if it doesn’t have high ratings. Survivors should have been on ABC

  10. Kate said

    If they keep showing it in different countries then there’s got to be a demand for it so they surely have recomission it for a third series.

    I sound pretty desperate, I know ;)

    • If the series is selling internationally then there is no reason not to give it at least one more season. If they don’t then it would be a huge injustice for the fans.

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