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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Survivors series two photo prints

Posted by Rich Cross on March 21, 2010

Photographer Craig Holmes (who was commissioned by the BBC to provide the Survivors‘ series two publicity stills, and whose pictures illustrate the series two DVD cover) has added a set of Survivors‘ cast portraits to his online portfolio.

As well as reviewing the gallery online, it is possible to buy photo-cards and photo-prints of the images of Julie Graham (Abby Grant), Paterson Joseph (Greg Preston), Phillip Rhys (Al), Max Beesley (Tom Price) and Patrick Malahide (Landry) through the site.


4 Responses to “Survivors series two photo prints”

  1. Viv said

    Hi there – thankyou for your reply to my ‘ note’ – another question for you – can you please help with how to obtain the book
    WORLDS APART – The Guide to …. as I am finding it hard to find a copy in my local bookshop … if so please inform me of how to go about purchasing a copy from the publishers (which have no tel. number) – thankyou

    • Rich Cross said

      Hi Viv

      You can buy Worlds Apart: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to the BBC’s remake of Survivors directly from the Classic TV Press web site (using PayPal), here: If you want to order from the publishers by cheque, then email them to confirm how to go about this, here:

      Alternatively, print of details of the book from the blog and take them to your local bookstore and request that they order a copy for you.

  2. Viv said

    Hi there, as mentioned above you say that you can buy/purchase photo-prints of the cast of SURVIVORS through “the site” which site do you refer to plsase – thankyou – also please DON’t take Survivors off the AIR there are many questions unsolved! Thankyou

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