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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

SciFiNow Survivors series two DVD review

Posted by Rich Cross on March 25, 2010

Reviewing the Survivors series two DVD in SciFiNow magazine (Issue 39), James Rundle declares the second series “highly recommended” and adds:

Alternately distressing, heartwarming, savage, restrained, brutal and disciplined, this is surely one of the finest post-apocalyptic shows of the millennium…. [I]t’s possible to jump in at this point if you missed the first season, although we’d recommend watching that first if you have the opportunity… This is quality drama.

3 Responses to “SciFiNow Survivors series two DVD review”

  1. Kate said

    I’m actually going to wait till I’ve forgot the details of the episodes, then I’ll buy series 2 DVD.

    I did this with series 1 and it was great rediscovering the episodes, almost as good as watching them for the very first time :)

  2. I have now seen all twelve episodes of season one and two and I would say it is certainly very high quality drama. I hope that there is more to come because as licence payers we deserve something like this.

  3. Ole said

    I was dissappointed in the Series 2 DVD release; cheap design, 6 episode on two disks instead of three, no extras! It is primarily fans who purchase the releases. Even the Series 1/2 boxset has no extras.

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