The Age – Survivors Channel Nine preview video

Australian newspaper The Age published an extremely positive preview of Survivors ahead of the transmission on the opening episode of series one on Channel Nine on 21 March (the video contains advertisement previews).

Serious concerns are being expressed at Channel Nine’s treatment of the series with reports that the channel had made signficant edits and merged truncated versions of separate episodes.

2 thoughts on “The Age – Survivors Channel Nine preview video

  1. Not Happy Jan, I was just starting to enjoy this series and then it went off. No reason no explanation.
    When you are going to do this you should tell people to watch this programme but don’t expect the full episodes or any finish . What was the point.

  2. Having watched some of channel nine’s butchering of the programme and realising how little sense it was making I managed to get hold of the original BBC show – finally it made sense. Channel nines treatment of the show was not cool and should be illegal – They did it to condense Survivors or the 3rd Series in their Underbelly show.

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