Dramatist Phil Redmond slates Survivors remake

Well-known British TV dramatist Phil Redmond (creator of children’s show Grange Hill and soaps Brookside and Hollyoaks) has heavily criticised Adrian Hodges’ Survivors remake in a belated series review in the Liverpool Daily Post.

Revealing that the original 1970s Survivors “was one of the things that drew me to the power of television”, Redmond dismisses the new Survivors as an acute “disappointment”. He argues that: “Survivors may have been entertaining, but it contributed little to ethical or social debate” and suggests that the new series “proved that not many remakes work.”

11 thoughts on “Dramatist Phil Redmond slates Survivors remake

  1. How can anybody who writes such nil brained drivel such as Brookside, ‘Shut it mate’ ‘Nah you shut it’ ‘Calm down’ crap, and Hollyoaks, speak with any authority on a brilliant tv series such as Survivors? I mean seriously, its like the designer of the Lada slating the latest volvo.

    Phil who?

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