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Total SciFi reports BBC says ‘no’ to Survivors series three

Posted by Rich Cross on April 13, 2010

The Total SciFi site reports ‘exclusively’ that the Survivors production team has learnt that the BBC will not be commissioning a third series of the show.

Total Sci-Fi has learned that the BBC has decided not to commission a third series of Survivors, the reinvention of Terry Nation’s 1970s post-apocalyptic series.

“Sadly the BBC aren’t going to do any more Survivors,” a source close to the production told Total Sci-Fi. “They expressed genuine affection for the show and a real desire to go again but felt that with the ratings having slipped a little since the first series they couldn’t take the risk. The sad truth is that we’re somewhat the victims of having gone out on the main channel – in some ways the exposure is wonderful but in other ways it’s a mixed blessing.

“Shows like Torchwood and Being Human benefitted from growing their audiences on the digital channels where it’s easier for this kind of genre show to grow and develop without being judged. With ratings over 4 million, Survivors would be considered to have a very substantial audience almost anywhere else except BBC1 and perhaps ITV.”

The source added that the cast and production team felt they had “truly begun to hit our creative stride in series 2” and were upset at not getting the chance to develop the series further.


17 Responses to “Total SciFi reports BBC says ‘no’ to Survivors series three”

  1. john said

    we only just got the show in australia great show same no 3rd season

  2. Tawnya Miller said

    I am BEYOND LIVID that they are cancelling Survivors!!!!!! If anyone is to blame it is the advertisers that failed to promote this show on channels that most people in America watch. I found out about this show from a friend, not from commercials!!!! Why do we the fans have to be punished because they failed to do their job!?!? Not only have we fallen in love with the show but we have all, I’m sure, fallen in love with most of the cast!!!! WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING!!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put my favorite show back on the air!!!! I just didn’t get enough.

  3. mike said

    That’s perpostrous why end a good show this calls for action lets lobby against this we should protest ok the ratings werent as good
    as from the first series but that does not mean the ratings cant get better, and for this I Boooooo the BBC for the first time
    well there was one othere incident but thats the past this is the

  4. Mitchell said

    Are you guys nuts…. It’s like I always say “TV shows that are really deep (Survivors, The Wire)never make it” Please, Please, Please re-think your decision.

  5. The BBC are ending a great show simply because the ratings of the second series were a little low in the UK and are not prepared to give it another chance. There are a lot of angry people right now. The BBC are a great company but I would have to say that many of people in charge there just don’t have any idea what the public want and I think they should be fired!

  6. An American Girl said

    I am a HUGE fan of this show here in the US, and it’s the most wonderful writing, plot, and character development I’ve seen in a show in YEARS. If they are really going to cancel it after the second season, they are insane!

    They could do this show for several years without running out of ideas. When you are starting all of civilization from scratch, basically, there are endless possibilities for wonderful shows. How would they re-develop government? As the years wore on, would people head more towards civilization or more towards savagery? How long would it take them to re-establish everything we take for granted today, like technology, communications, social services, education, modern medicine, etc? It’s almost endless! To think that they are taking such an amazing idea and throwing it in the toilet is just shocking. Here in the US we have a million different shows based around hospitals (ER, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scrubs, Nip/Tuck, etc etc etc) and these things go on for years with plots that get more and more ridiculous because they run out of ideas, but someone has a brilliant story line and characters like this, and they just do a handful of shows? What is wrong with people!

    And I should say that even though my pseudonym doesn’t sound like it, I should mention that I am a college prof with a Masters in English, so I am fully qualified to critique the plot, and it’s just spectacular.

    If they are really going to cancel this, I am just devastated!

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