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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

BBC America Shop – Survivors reviews summary

Posted by Rich Cross on May 9, 2010

The BBC America shop has included a lengthy set of reviews quotes to support its promotional of the Region One Survivors DVD set. Unsurprisingly, given the critical battering that the show endured in some quarters of the media, this is a selective set of positive assessments of the show (and includes some judicious extracts from less than glowing reviews), but it remains a striking set of comments nonetheless:

Series one

“… terrifying but utterly compelling … nothing could equal the drama of not knowing who’d survive to the end credits. … Who’d have thought the end of the world could be so much fun? But it’s an increasingly dark and violent tale.”
Ben Felsenburg, London Lite

“…storytelling cues have clearly been taken from recent American successes … This is slick, modern, sophisticated drama – homegrown produce to be proud of … Leading the cast with a sturdy, gutsy performance is Julie Graham as Abby Grant … there is an unexpected twist in the final moments that
will leave you eager for more. A welcome shot in the arm for the British fantasy renaissance.”
Richard Unwin, Observer

“…it was so gripping I had to stay up past my bedtime. Now part two is on Tuesday, when I’m busy, which means watching it on iPlayer in the freezing, uncomfortable office area, which is the same trick they played with Little Dorrit. But again I am prepared to suffer to see it through.”
Michele Hanson, Guardian

“…what a great show, eh? I really love this sort of stuff.”
Mike Ward, Daily Star

“…a strong cast led by Julie Graham and Paterson Joseph head this gripping reworking of Terry Nation’s popular Seventies drama … Don’t miss.”
Gerard O’Donovan, Sunday Telegraph

“A strong small-screen cast … The writer Adrian Hodges, of Primeval fame, works some nice Spooksstyle tricks by killing off big names just when you least expect it. He then sets everyone else at each other’s throats, adds in a subplot about the cause of the disease and then cranks up the tensions in the ensemble.”
Stephen Armstrong, Sunday Times

“Far more realistically imagined than the horror film 28 Days Later … TV does science-fiction justice with the perfect balance between the most extreme of ideas and credible execution. Make a date with the apocalypse.”
Mail on Sunday

“What keeps you watching, though, is the largely well-drawn cast of characters who make it through, led by Julie Graham’s admirably determined Abby.”
Jonathan Wright, Guardian

“In a funny way this show is a bit like The Apprentice, because it makes us wonder how we’d cope ourselves with the cards they’ve been dealt (and can sit at home smugly thinking how we’d make a much better job of it).”
Jane Simon, Daily Mirror

“…some genuinely chilling scenes…”
Jill Foster, Daily Mail

“Neatly timed for the return of the flu season, BBC1’s remake of the apocalyptic drama is nicely calculated to turn a minor twinge or an achy feeling into a harbinger of imminent doom and civilisational collapse. … A final coda, revealing white-coated scientists who appeared to know much more about the origins of the pestilence than was respectable, suggested that the real fun will start next week.”
Thomas Sutcliffe, Independent

“…spellbinding … a rattling good yarn … a pretty convincing remake, too, an unsettling, haunting drama with a strong cast, a powerful story and a premise that’s bleaker than a month of Mondays.”
Leicester Mercury

“… a powerful opening…”
Andrea Mullaney, Scotsman

“As the first episode unfolded, and the body count rose, I started feeling feverish, and my neck rather stiff, as a pounding headache took hold. And I began, discreetly, to probe for swollen glands. I suspect I wasn’t the only viewer so afflicted.”
Liz Hunt, Daily Telegraph

“…Survivors is marvellously silly and completely riveting…”
Kathryn Flett, Observer

“…may well be the most invigorating new drama of the year.”
Mik Duffy, Scotland on Sunday

“…Max Beesley … our favourite hunk…”
Daily Star

“… [Paterson] Joseph was the main reason I’ll be tuning in tomorrow night. That and the surprise ending – well, it surprised me.”
John Plunkett, Guardian

Series two

“Another high-octane helping of post-apocalyptic drama”
Mike Bradley, Observer

“Hugely entertaining”
Jonathan Wright, Guardian

“Full of betrayals and double-crosses”
Sophie Heath, Daily Mail

“Max’s chiselled torso is just one reason to watch the second series of this brilliant post-apocalyptic fantasy”
News of the World

“…it’s come over all Lost, with mysterious numbered postcards popping up all over the shop and hints the sinister scientists … may be some kind of dastardly aliens … And it seems that underneath Greg’s manly and heoic exterior there’s a psychotic bruiser just itching to get out. Which, along with its madcap conspiracy theories, should see Survivors surviving quite nicely.”
Keith Watson, Metro

“Must-See TV … a glossy young cast, some five-times-the-detail HD gore and the interactive whizzbang at…”
The Times

“…the action is piled on with a trowel, disaster looms at every turn and sinister, lab-coat-wearing baddies start emerging from the woodwork…”
Pete Naughton, Daily Telegraph


“[Sarah’s] latest actions are surprising and make you see her in a whole new light”
Lorraine Thurlow, Daily Mirror

Charlotte Civil, Daily Express


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