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BBC FAQs updated to indicate Survivors’ cancellation

Posted by Rich Cross on May 9, 2010

The BBC FAQ which previously indicated that ‘no decision’ had been taken on the future of Survivors has now been updated to reflect the confirmed cancellation of the series.

The revised FAQ answer to the question Will there be a third series of Survivors? now reads:

The BBC is committed to making a broad range of varied and ambitious drama, but in order to achieve this we do have to move on from some pieces in order to allow new work to come through.

After two series, Survivors will not be returning.


23 Responses to “BBC FAQs updated to indicate Survivors’ cancellation”

  1. Rob said

    Oh to line the pockets of Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd Webber with my hard earned license fee cash!!! Once upon a time, in the year 2008, the long dormant dramatic giant that is the BBC finally produced two pieces of dramatic television which finally had me taking the channel seriously again – Apparitions and Survivors – both had me hooked from start to finish, both where superbly written and excellently acted.

    So after a patient two year wait, yes two years, during which time Apparitions has..erm.. ahem..vanished Survivors Season 2 finally hits our screens, I consoled myself as the wait was worth it, once again the show was thrilling and brilliant from start to finish, finally we had a show to rival anything coming out of the US (and, judging by the US posted comments, our American friends seem to agree). So imagine my, and every other ADULT paying viewer’s horror that this, what I now deem as a, ‘Variety Show Channel’ had canceled the best piece of drama it has produced in modern times due to poor ratings. Is it any wonder that, outside of the established first Season fan base, ratings where poor after a two year hiatus? A two year wait between Seasons is unheard of in America (look no further than HBO’s excellent CV over the years (e.g. OZ, The Sopranos, Dexter, The Wire) each series are produced on a yearly basis, the excellent ‘24’ is the same, produced on a yearly basis, and the fans have lapped it up. There’s no real ‘cold time’ between Seasons, the fires are still stoked by reruns and advertising, prior to the main event of the new Season.

    How can a cult series like Survivors ‘survive’ when given a such prolonged absence?? It’s a show that thrived on plot twists and character development, anyone coming into the show late would be playing major catch up, but to come into it new, two years later, would be baffling to say the least. It’s for this reason that ratings for the shows second Season where poor. The BBC’s stand-still stagnation with producing the second Season is the reason why rating where down – why where the episodes from Season one not on BBC Iplayer prior to Season 2? Why was there no run of Season one on any of their four channels? And if there was why was it not published?

    I’m sick to death of watching talent shows, I don’t want to watch the latest Webber protégé being picked from a collection of identical automatons, I don’t want to watch vastly over paid presenters driveling absolute babble about subjects they are removed from due to lack of knowledge or wealth (this is the same BBC who chose Claudia Winkleman to host FILM 2010 over the amazing Mark Kermode, with all due respect to Claudia, Kermode is a cult onto himself, sadly he’s not mainstream, and not PC for a flag ship BBC show, so he gets stuffed away onto radio).

    I pay my license fee because I have to, its law, but it angers me to the core to know that most of the money we pay doesn’t go on amazing drama like Survivors, it goes on fat cat salaries and total tosh like ‘Id Do Anything’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’.

    My advice, stick to the Discovery Channel.

  2. Mike said

    I’ve NEVER, EVER made a blog post in my life; but I feel so strongly about this that I just had to do so. My wife and I are in complete agreement with Heather and Sarah in terms of our disappointment about the cancelation of both Survivors and Flash Forward (and V, which was also canceled). Here in the States, Survivors played on Sat nights. So that was one of the things we looked foward to watching on tv. That was our show! I came to this site looking for info on the new season only to find out that it was cancelled…Man! Now what are we gonna watch on Sat nights…back-to-back episodes of Dr. Who? Don’t think so!

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