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The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Italian broadcaster RAI-TRE repeats Survivors series one

Posted by Rich Cross on May 23, 2010

Italian TV station RAI-TRE which premiered series one of Survivors in September 2009 only to suspend transmission after showing just three episodes begins a repeat showing of series one on Monday 24 May 2010 at 11.10pm.

Italian Survivors fans naturally hope that this time the broadcaster will commit to showing the entire run – of series one at least.

Many thanks to Luca for alerting the blog to this news.


One Response to “Italian broadcaster RAI-TRE repeats Survivors series one”

  1. Antonio said

    I have watched the first series on RAI 3 and after that I have become the fan number one, after that I have watched the second series on streaming, the bbc must produce also a third series, there are many things that must be completed!
    But RAI 3 transmits it too much late, and for me the listenings are very low

    (Scuse me for my bad english, but i couldn’t leave a comment)

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