Survivors mentions in SFX September 2010

In a round-up of his “top five non-Who sci-fi shows from the Beeb’s history” in this month’s SFX, comedian Tony Hadoke celebrates the original Survivors (alongside Doomwatch, Quatermass, Being Human, and Torchwood: Children of Earth).


Post-apocalyptic drama is great: human depravity, injustice, moral dilemmas and thrilling drama. Yes, it was occasionally a tad middle class, but some real issues were tackled. I wasn’t as aghast at the new series as some, but Julie Graham unwisely mocked the original for doing episodes about knitting jumpers: a bit rich considering (a) they didn’t, (b) she was in Bonekickers and (c) as it turns out it ran for longer and with greater success than the remake. So ner.

Toby Hadoke. 2010. ‘Beeb Cool’. SFX. September. p.22.

In the same issue (in fact on the same page) comedian and author David Baddiel reveals:

Favourite SF/Fantasy TV

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Survivors, and slightly disturbing things from the ’70s, like Children of the Stones.

David Baddiel. 2010. ‘My Sci-Fi’. SFX. September. p.22.

One thought on “Survivors mentions in SFX September 2010

  1. I am watching the original Survivors series on You Tube now, I never watched it in the seventies, and I realise now how great it was. I love the re-make series too although that has turned out to be something of a flop because they’ve ended it after just twelve episodes.

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