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Author of forthcoming Terry Nation book interviewed

Posted by Rich Cross on September 6, 2010

An interview with Alwyn W Turner, author of a new study of the screen work of Survivors creator Terry Nation has been added to the Survivors: A World Away site.

Also added to the site (which focuses on the original Survivors [1975-1977]):

* A guide to the newly accessible interior Survivors filming locations at Hampton Court, Herefordshire, used in 1975

* A brief appreciation of original series Survivors director Pennant Roberts

* An updated comparative guide to the release of the original three series of Survivors on DVD (Region 1 and Region 2)


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Survivors ‘bloopers’ on BBC One’s Outtake TV

Posted by Rich Cross on September 5, 2010

Four brief ‘bloopers’ from episodes of series two of Survivors feature in the 4 September 2010 edition of BBC One’s Outtake TV. The outakes are:

* Julie Graham finding that her anguished facial expression is completely obscured by her hair, after she flinches from assaulting Whitaker
* Max Beesley dropping the bottle of water he’s supposed to be drinking from (whilst wearing prison handcuffs, it should be said)
* Julie Graham finding herself unable to stifle a sneeze during a vital exchange with Paterson Joseph
* Max Beesley mistiming a catch, and being hit square in the face with a set of keys

The short Survivors sequence occurs around 23 minutes into the show. The episode can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer service (within the UK) until 6:19pm Saturday 11 September 2010.

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Survivors actors share how-to ‘secrets’ with SFX

Posted by Rich Cross on September 5, 2010

As part of a ‘200 secrets’ feature in the 200th edition of SFX (October 2010), Survivors‘ actors Max Beesley (Tom Price) and Paterson Jospeh (Greg Preston) provide answers to questions posed by the magazine.

Paterson Jospeh was asked: ‘What’s the secret of playing the pain of a gunshot wound in the chest?’ (Greg was shot in the closing episode of series one). He replied:

“It’s just imagination, isn’t it? What you imagine it will be like. It would probably take you to another world, that kind of pain. Your body would shut down. Your blood supply would be going to just the vital organs, so anything else would basically be lacking oxygen and not being warmed up by your blood in the same way that it would have been before the trauma. So it’s basically trying to imagine, through the facts, what that would feel like […] If you undertand the mechanics of it, if you understand what’s happening to the body, then it’s just a matter of following through.”

Max Beesley was asked: ‘What’s the secret of creating a believeable screen psychopath?’. He replied:

“With most lunatics you find that they don’t tend to be aggressive. They always listen and watch, and the threat of violence is a lot more terrifying in real life that the act itself. So that quietness is more powerful.”

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Max Beesley blasts ‘dreadful’ Survivors’ cancellation decision

Posted by Rich Cross on September 5, 2010

Actor Max Beesley has denounced the BBC’s cancellation decision as ‘dreadful’, during an interview with Digital Spy. He told interviewer Paul Millar:

“It’s a very difficult thing, this thing that’s happening now in the business, that is showbiz. It seems to be about ratings, and sustaining a market.

“Certainly Survivors, when we put that series out, the second series dipped below 5 million for one of the episodes – all of a sudden, there’s no recommission, and I think that’s dreadful.”

“I think that if you’ve got 5 million people that enjoy drama and invest in characters, you must take the time to not worry about your job and getting sacked and just go for it and hit it again.

“But it just goes to show how much of a business it’s becoming now, so consequently what happens is there are easy targets for reality shows.”

Max Beesley, quoted in: Paul Millar. 2010. ‘Max Beesley slams Survivors‘ axe’. Digital Spy. 3 August. Accessed 5 September 2010.

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