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Max Beesley blasts ‘dreadful’ Survivors’ cancellation decision

Posted by Rich Cross on September 5, 2010

Actor Max Beesley has denounced the BBC’s cancellation decision as ‘dreadful’, during an interview with Digital Spy. He told interviewer Paul Millar:

“It’s a very difficult thing, this thing that’s happening now in the business, that is showbiz. It seems to be about ratings, and sustaining a market.

“Certainly Survivors, when we put that series out, the second series dipped below 5 million for one of the episodes – all of a sudden, there’s no recommission, and I think that’s dreadful.”

“I think that if you’ve got 5 million people that enjoy drama and invest in characters, you must take the time to not worry about your job and getting sacked and just go for it and hit it again.

“But it just goes to show how much of a business it’s becoming now, so consequently what happens is there are easy targets for reality shows.”

Max Beesley, quoted in: Paul Millar. 2010. ‘Max Beesley slams Survivors‘ axe’. Digital Spy. 3 August. Accessed 5 September 2010.


15 Responses to “Max Beesley blasts ‘dreadful’ Survivors’ cancellation decision”

  1. kim said

    Just watched series 2 and most of it was great tv. Where is series 3 bbc . Shameful bbc get a move on and make another, if not the final series.

  2. Lea said

    I would like to see more of Max Beasley and the rest of the cast in Survivors. It is what we all nee, “Hope should never die”, weather you have disease, child who suffers from mental illness, lose of family. The movie gave courage to me to keep fighting my disease. My son, daughter, grandchildren I live for them and God. Hoping God would allow me to see them all graduate from college, and me. I have had all of the old meds, they don’t work for me. The new have meds which reduces the amount of meds you take; because I am allergic to one or two of the meds they contain.

    I really enjoyed seeing Abbey, Tom and all the characters fight with courage. Sarah was very courageous. She change into a loving person. In the end she chose not to be selfish. I would like to see more families reunited.

    Please give them another Season or Moveie!!!!


  3. Sheena said

    BBc should follow America’s Sex and the City footsteps. Made a series and then a few years after the last episode they then did a movie to pick up where the show left off and then did another movie a few years later to pick up where the previous movie left off. Made lots of us fans very happy

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