Max Beesley blasts ‘dreadful’ Survivors’ cancellation decision

Actor Max Beesley has denounced the BBC’s cancellation decision as ‘dreadful’, during an interview with Digital Spy. He told interviewer Paul Millar:

“It’s a very difficult thing, this thing that’s happening now in the business, that is showbiz. It seems to be about ratings, and sustaining a market.

“Certainly Survivors, when we put that series out, the second series dipped below 5 million for one of the episodes – all of a sudden, there’s no recommission, and I think that’s dreadful.”

“I think that if you’ve got 5 million people that enjoy drama and invest in characters, you must take the time to not worry about your job and getting sacked and just go for it and hit it again.

“But it just goes to show how much of a business it’s becoming now, so consequently what happens is there are easy targets for reality shows.”

Max Beesley, quoted in: Paul Millar. 2010. ‘Max Beesley slams Survivors‘ axe’. Digital Spy. 3 August. Accessed 5 September 2010.

15 thoughts on “Max Beesley blasts ‘dreadful’ Survivors’ cancellation decision

  1. Just watched series 2 and most of it was great tv. Where is series 3 bbc . Shameful bbc get a move on and make another, if not the final series.

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