Survivors ‘bloopers’ on BBC One’s Outtake TV

Four brief ‘bloopers’ from episodes of series two of Survivors feature in the 4 September 2010 edition of BBC One’s Outtake TV. The outakes are:

* Julie Graham finding that her anguished facial expression is completely obscured by her hair, after she flinches from assaulting Whitaker
* Max Beesley dropping the bottle of water he’s supposed to be drinking from (whilst wearing prison handcuffs, it should be said)
* Julie Graham finding herself unable to stifle a sneeze during a vital exchange with Paterson Joseph
* Max Beesley mistiming a catch, and being hit square in the face with a set of keys

The short Survivors sequence occurs around 23 minutes into the show. The episode can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer service (within the UK) until 6:19pm Saturday 11 September 2010.

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