Survivors – BBC TV

The BBC's revival of the classic 1970s post-apocalyptic drama by Terry Nation

Survivors ‘bloopers’ on BBC One’s Outtake TV

Posted by Rich Cross on September 5, 2010

Four brief ‘bloopers’ from episodes of series two of Survivors feature in the 4 September 2010 edition of BBC One’s Outtake TV. The outakes are:

* Julie Graham finding that her anguished facial expression is completely obscured by her hair, after she flinches from assaulting Whitaker
* Max Beesley dropping the bottle of water he’s supposed to be drinking from (whilst wearing prison handcuffs, it should be said)
* Julie Graham finding herself unable to stifle a sneeze during a vital exchange with Paterson Joseph
* Max Beesley mistiming a catch, and being hit square in the face with a set of keys

The short Survivors sequence occurs around 23 minutes into the show. The episode can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer service (within the UK) until 6:19pm Saturday 11 September 2010.


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