Outcasts – new BBC One ‘post-apocalyptic’ off-world drama

The new eight-part BBC One science fiction series Outcasts begins this evening (7 February 2011) at 21:00. Outcasts follows the travails of a disparate group of survivors sent from Earth to create a new frontier community on the distant planet of Carpathia, leaving behind a world that has suffered an (initially unexplained) apocalyse.

More information can be found on the BBC’s Outcasts mini-site; on the BBC TV blog (where writer Ben Richards discusses the inspiration behind the show); and on the BBC Press Office site. The series can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Outcasts – new BBC One ‘post-apocalyptic’ off-world drama

  1. Having watched Outcasts & thinking after episode one that is was rubbish, we stuck with it & it was actually really good!! I cant believe that there is now not going to be aother series! We want to know what happens next!!!
    They really do have to let us know how the residents of Carpathia fair when the ship arrives!!

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