Outcasts – new BBC One ‘post-apocalyptic’ off-world drama

The new eight-part BBC One science fiction series Outcasts begins this evening (7 February 2011) at 21:00. Outcasts follows the travails of a disparate group of survivors sent from Earth to create a new frontier community on the distant planet of Carpathia, leaving behind a world that has suffered an (initially unexplained) apocalyse.

More information can be found on the BBC’s Outcasts mini-site; on the BBC TV blog (where writer Ben Richards discusses the inspiration behind the show); and on the BBC Press Office site. The series can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Outcasts – new BBC One ‘post-apocalyptic’ off-world drama

  1. Please can we have just one more episode, you have wizzy writers at the BBC able to wrap it all up. it’s a low budget story line, actors wear the same clothes, the set is already made ,all that’s missing is the final episode.The followers to the programme need closure,thats why we’re kicking up a fuss, what’s happened… how are they getting on?
    It’s like buying a book and ripping out the last few pages of a 700 page book…

    thanks BBC …please listen.XX

  2. i watched the first one last night,i was really looking forward to it,i am thinking they cancelled survivors to make room for this,the writing is corny and so is the acting,tripe,bring back survivors.

    1. I’ve grown to enjoy the series .. I’ve just watched the last one and I’d like to know how it ends rather than making my own mind up.( and I like survivors too ) we’ll have to see what the BBC comes up with next

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