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Survivors ‘Jennys’ to appear on screen together

Posted by Rich Cross on March 1, 2011

The actresses who played the character of Jenny in the original Survivors and in the 2008 remake will appear together on screen later in 2011 in an episode of the ITV crime drama Law & Order.

Law & Order regular Freema Agyeman (Jenny Walsh, Survivors, 2008) will be joined for a one-episode guest-star role by Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards, Survivors, 1975-1977). In the original Survivors, the character of Jenny survived all 38 episodes of the show. In the remake of Survivors, the character of Jenny was killed off in the opening episode.

Bob Meade has published a behind-the-scenes photo of the two actresses on his Survivors site (republished below):

Freema Agyeman and Lucy Fleming, Law & Order


2 Responses to “Survivors ‘Jennys’ to appear on screen together”

  1. California Fan said

    I just discovered this series on Netflix and am soooooo hooked! PLEASE come back for season 3!

  2. Jeff Onsurez said

    Check your fan base on “Survivors”. Needs to be a 3rd Series.

    Thank you

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