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BBC axes post-apocalyptic off-world Outcasts

Posted by Rich Cross on March 19, 2011

The BBC has confirmed that the post-apocalyptic off-world science-fiction drama Outcasts has been cancelled after one series.

Outcasts‘ opening episode attracted 4.45m viewers (a 17.9% audience share), but by episode three viewing figures had slipped to 2.95m, and to 2.6m for episode four, amidst a largely hostile critical reception.

In response to the weak viewing figures, the BBC moved the drama from its 9pm Monday night slot to 10.25pm on Sunday – an indication that it had effectively abandoned its support for the show. The BBC explained:

“BBC One commissions a large number of new drama series each year and inevitably there will be some that do not engage as wide an audience as we would like them to […] We are proud to have brought this original and high quality drama to the audience but unfortunately it did not engage enough of them to justify playing the full series out in a 9pm slot.”

On 13 March 2011, the final episode of the eight-part series drew 1.56m viewers (11.6%). The following day the BBC confirmed that Outcasts would not be returning.


26 Responses to “BBC axes post-apocalyptic off-world Outcasts”

  1. Amber Mourglea said

    hi, has this show officially been cancelled after season 2? I am enjoying the show, on Netflix, and am wondering if there will be a third season.

  2. Steve said

    I’m very disappointed.

    I’m a fan of the original series which has been very hard to find here in California. I’m amazed you never made a DVD copy that would play here in USA. I only found bootleg versions copied from Television. Very poor quality. Strange you don’t make some DVD’s for this market. Your missing an opportunity to make money and please a wider audience. Go figure…

    But I was so excited a few days ago, 10 Apr 2011, to find the remake available on DVD for our market, USA. I bought them and watched the remake, all the episodes. I was looking forward to buying series three when it came out since I don’t have satellite TV where I live. I must be patient. Imagine my disappointment having been left with a cliff hanger to this exciting story and great acting. Why would you cancel this very riveting show?

    This reminds me of the mistake NBC made canceling Star Trek. I’m sure NBC regrets that decision seeing how much money has been made off the popular franchise.

    Perhaps you did not realize that some of your market buys DVD’s of these series. Yes, that’s an investment on your part, and could pay you back if you would just commit to a series rather than canceling a show in the middle.

    You could reverse your decision and delay or slow down the show and leave us waiting a few years till you have your budget figured out. I’m sure you’ll make some money off the DVD’s and other opportunities that take time to play out.

    Yes… is an investment… not instant money… AKA rating. This is rarely a good measuring stick of a show… or a series. It’s just fast money and that is not a reliable way to run a business. You hooked us with the drama so we want to see more and will pay to do so. Hint… hint…

    As a fan I can wait a while knowing I can see the rest of the series in time… but only if you change your mind. Perhaps you don’t think BBC will be a Survivor is 2012? Something to think about…

  3. Donna said

    Sci-fi shows typically start slowly as the scene has to be set, the characters developed and the plot unveiled. This was a great drama which I watched every week and now am completely disappointed it will not be returning. If the decision stands to keep it canceled at least give the viewers a proper conclusion via a one or two hour show.

  4. Susan said

    I am so disappointed “Outcasts” has been taken off air. I was eagerly awaiting the next episode and can’t understand why BBC would just drop such an excellent show. It was easily one of the best dramas on the box.Who makes the choice to axe programmes and how do I let them know how I feel about this decision?

  5. Steve W said

    At last a series that you had think about.Slow start, yes. But needed to set the scene. Reminds me of another BBC series that died too early – Star Cops, another story driven plot.
    How about publishing a brief story synopsis on the web so fans can at least find the answers to the questions left by the cliff hanger.
    No doubt its replacement will be some reality show with Z list celebs or yet another house make-over prog.
    Great cast, great characters, great acting, developing storyline, lots of potential. Pity the BBC didn’t have the guts to stick with it

  6. Pat lister said

    I agree with all comments above and feel robbed, I liken it to reading an old limited edition book on holiday and with only a couple of chapters left to read, having the local yob coming and stealing it, it reminds me, didnt the BBC use a similar axe to the popular Family series ,Tripods, yet another Sci Fi we were robbed of, are we Sci Fi fans to be always treated like 2nd class veiwers

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