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Survivors theme composer – streaming extracts online

Posted by Rich Cross on June 23, 2011

Samples of award-winning TV composer Edmund Butt’s music for Survivors are available for streaming on the Cool Music web site.

Amongst an online collection of samples of Butt’s work are two extracts from his Survivors score – Survivors – Sacrifice (2m, 46s) and Survivors – Anarchy (1m, 35s), in streaming MP3 format.

There is no sign at present of the theme and collection of incidental music from Survivors being prepared for commercial release.

Thanks to Adrian H for alerting the blog to this

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Roger Hancock of the Terry Nation Estate dies aged 79

Posted by Rich Cross on June 7, 2011

Roger Hancock (brother of comedian Tony Hancock, and for many years agent for Survivors‘ creator Terry Nation) has died at the age of 79.

Roger was the emeritus head of the Terry Nation estate, and for many years proved himself to be a tough and resolute negotiator, determined to get the best deal possible from anyone seeking to licence any of Terry Nation’s intellectual property – the Daleks foremost amongst that body of work.

The Doctor Who News Page reports:

He was involved in many protracted negotiations with the BBC and others over their use of the Daleks, refusing any use which was thought inappropriate. In July 2004 it was reported that talks between the BBC and Hancock, representing the estate of Terry Nation, had broken down over issues of editorial control and as a result the Daleks would not appear in the relaunched series. An agreement was later reached which saw the return of the iconic monsters to the series.

In 2006, lengthy negotiations between the Terry Nation estate and the BBC over the use of Terry Nation’s 1976 Survivors‘ novel concluded successfully – clearing the way for Adrian Hodges’ revival of Survivors in 2008.

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