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George Baker (Arthur Wormley, original Surivors) dies aged 80

Posted by Rich Cross on October 9, 2011

British actor George Baker (who memorably played the guest-starring role of union president Arthur Wormley in Genesis, the second episode of the original Survivors) has died aged 80 after a short illness (7 October 2011).

Baker enjoyed a long and varied career on the big and small screen, and in the latter part of his career became best known for playing the lead role in the Ruth Rendell Inspector Wexford detective series.

Genesis was written by series creator Terry Nation, and the character of Wormley appears in the 1976 Survivors novel which Nation also wrote. In the 2008-10 remake of Survivors (developed from Nation’s novel) the character of Wormley was reinvented in the guise of junior government minister Samantha Willis (played by Nikki-Amuka Bird) who appeared as a recurring character in both series.

Obituaries for Baker appear in The Guardian and other newspapers, and on the BBC News site.


One Response to “George Baker (Arthur Wormley, original Surivors) dies aged 80”

  1. Ole Alstrup said

    George Baker was a great actor that always left a strong impression with whatever he worked with. I fondly remember him for his many film and television roles. His role of Arthur Wormley is a great performance, as is his role as Emperor Tiberius Ceasar in BBC´s I, Claudius. Somehow I didnt follow him in the long running Ruth Rendell Mysteries. My condolences.

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